Sitting With Plants

The very first official herbalism lesson I had was sitting with plants. Plant meditation, they called it.

We went into the garden. We each found a plant that called to us. We sat there for a few minutes, until the teacher called us back to the group.

When we regrouped, we shared what we had experienced. Some had received verbal messages from the plants they sat with. Some had simply received impressions. Some had observed how the plant easily bent or didn’t bend with the wind, the color, the interaction between plant and visiting bee.

We also did plant meditation with spirit dose. Each person received a single drop of a tinctured herb. We took it. We closed our eyes and sat still, feeling the energy of the plant.

Afterward, we shared. Some saw bright light. Some felt energy rising, or falling. Some felt lightheartedness, or sadness.

This is feeling a plant’s energy. Every plant has its own. Every plant presents its energy to you in the way that you can most easily receive it.

Try it. Find a plant to sit with. If you live in the country, or you have a big garden, there are many plants to choose from. If you live in the city, with no garden, try this in a park, or with a potted plant. Find a space where there are no distractions for a while.

Observe what the plant looks like, its color, its shape. Observe how it responds to wind. If it’s visited by insects, observe the interaction. Do you get a sense of what its energy is like--maybe soft, maybe flexible, maybe firm and direct?

Also try this: make some tea out of a dried plant. It could be something you buy at the grocery store--maybe mint or chamomile. If you have access to bulk herbs, try something more obscure. Rose petals. Lavender. Lemon balm. Tulsi. Sage. Scullcap. Mullein.

Observe how it tastes. Observe how it smells. Try steeping it for five minutes. Observe. Steep for 10 more minutes and observe again.

Observe how you feel when you are near it. Is it calming? Uplifting? Does it bring you joy? Does it bring you down into the depths of your being to heal whatever is there that needs healing?

To get the full medicinal quality of a plant, you would have to infuse it (herbalist speak for steep it) for 4 - 8 hours, or overnight. But even a five minute tea brings some of its energy to you.