guest posting policy

  • Are you an astrologer, an herbalist, or another kind of healing arts practitioner?

  • Do you blog about it, or want to?

  • Interested in guest posting?

I will gladly accept guest posts from people whose work is similar or supportive to mine. You may cross post to your own site, if you have one, and you may have a contributor’s bio here at The Bear’s Nose. If you also have a blog that is open to guest posts, we could exchange posting.

Guest posts must be compatible with the existing content. It’s fine to have a different approach (I would be happy to feature a traditional astrologer, though I’m modern, or someone who practices a healing modality I don’t personally use), but I wouldn’t accept, for instance, posts about astrology that equate the person with their sun sign. Guest posts must also be well written, reasonably free of spelling and grammatical errors. You don’t have to be a professional writer, but you do have to know how to write quality content.

Please inquire here.

**No content mills, paid blogging services, or ghostwriters accepted. Only individuals with personal and/or professional experience in astrology, herbalism, or a related field will be considered.