• Only ask on your own behalf, and only ask a question that can be answered based on your birth chart and yours alone. For the purpose of this feature, I do not answer questions that require the birth information of anyone other than the letter writer. If you want to ask about a relationship, see Relationship Astrology, below this list.

  • Understand that submitting your question gives me permission to publish it and your chart (though not your name or birth information), and that this is a public website. Everything posted here will be available to all internet users as long as this website exists. Don’t say anything so personal that you won’t want it public forever, even anonymously. If in doubt, leave it out, or ask me to leave it out before I actually publish it. If you fail to do this, I am not responsible for the outcome, whether the outcome is you feeling embarrassed or anything worse.

  • Ask a question that is reasonably specific, but don’t ask for a hard and fast prediction. Just, “What do you see in my birth chart?” isn’t specific enough. If you know anything about your own birth chart, you can ask for clarification. For example, “I have a t-square, what does it mean?” Or, “I’m a Taurus, but I’m not really stubborn, why?” You can also ask for clarification on a life issue.

    Many questions asked of astrologers are hard and fast prediction questions, along the lines of, “Will x happen?” Will I find a job in my field, will I get married, will I be financially secure, will I move next year, etc. I don’t answer those kinds of questions. There are astrologers who do, and sometimes they make eerily accurate predictions. One branch of astrology, horary, is especially good for that, but it requires specialized skills, and it is not my specialty.

    Instead, my practice is to address the question behind the question. If you’re asking if you’ll find a job in your field, you must be concerned that you won’t. Why? And what made you choose that field? If you don’t find a job there, what else would meet the same needs for you? Or, if you’re asking if you’ll get married, what does getting married, or not, mean to you? Those are clarifications on life issues, which I am happy to address using astrology.

    I’m also willing to address preconceived notions about predictive astrology: for example, “An astrologer told me my mother will die when Pluto transits my moon, is that true?” (For the record, Pluto does not kill people’s mothers, by transiting their moon or anything else, and if an astrologer told you that, shame on them!) But, “When will my mother die?” is not a question I’ll touch.

    Unsure of how to word your question so that it fits the parameters? Go ahead and ask it imperfectly. As long as you’re reachable and responsive by email, I can work with you to figure out wording that will work.

  • No medical astrology questions. I would love to be able to answer them, also being a budding herbalist, but medical astrology is, like horary, a specialized skill. I’m learning it, but I am not yet to the point that I can comfortably use medical astrology.

  • No questions containing explicit sexual language, i.e. references to specific sexual acts or body parts, or that would require explicit language to answer. Something like, “I like (specific sexual act), does my chart show it?” or, “I don’t like sex, why?” won’t fly. The first contains explicit language, and the second would probably require explicit language to answer. 

    But it is okay to include something like, “I’m questioning my sexual orientation,” or, “I’m still a virgin in my late twenties,” or, “I always lose interest in a partner after we’ve slept together.” That’s not explicit, and the focus is on the emotional side of sexuality. Only caveat is, you might find that too personal to publish.

  • Understand that if I answer your question, it will be an astrological interpretation lite. Quite possibly, it will leave you with more questions. If you would like to schedule a full session to follow up, contact me, or if you work with another astrologer, go to them. Also understand that, while I *might* be able to answer all questions received when this feature is still new, provided that they follow all ground rules, there might come a time when I’m getting more questions than I can answer. In that case, a response will not be guaranteed.

  • Above all, don’t take my word as the be all and end all. If my answer to your question doesn’t ring true for you, trust yourself. Interpreting a chart is an art, not an exact science. Sometimes the astrologer misses the mark. If you feel my interpretation is wrong, please give me feedback: astrology practice is lifelong learning, and being wrong can be a greater learning opportunity than being right.

Relationship Astrology: Because an Ask the Astrologer question and answer is a public post, I will not use anyone’s birth information without their consent, and I will not accept third party consent. The person whose birth information it is has to give me their consent directly, not have it relayed by someone else. Absolutely no exceptions.

That eliminates most relationship questions, because they usually require the birth information of both parties, and the vast majority of the time, only one of them is asking the question, without the involvement of the other. (I do address these questions in my practice, although even there, if the other party in the relationship isn’t present, I do not say anything about them or their chart that isn’t directly relevant to their relationship with the client.)

I am willing to consider a relationship question if it’s about relationship patterns. For example, “I can never stick with a relationship longer than two months, why is that?” or, “Most of the people I’ve dated have been Cancers, why?” That kind of question can be explored through the individual’s chart, with no need for anyone else’s.

I am also willing to consider a relationship question that does require two people’s birth information if it meets all of the following requirements:

  • Both parties in the relationship must contact me, from separate email addresses, making it clear that they are in a relationship with each other and the question is coming from both of them, and each individual must submit their own birth information. I will need to confirm with both parties, by email, before addressing the question.

  • Both parties must be equally able, in the context of the relationship, to meaningfully consent to participate in Ask the Astrologer and have their birth information used. While most relationship questions are about romantic relationships between equals, which do not raise this concern for me, they can also be about friendships or familial relationships. If this is a familial relationship, and the nature of it creates a power imbalance--for example, parent and underage son or daughter--I can’t be entirely sure that both parties are giving meaningful consent. If the relationship is between a parent and non-dependent adult child, or siblings, friends, spouses, or romantic partners, and I’m hearing from both of them, I can be reasonably sure.

  • It has to be an established relationship. If you’ve only recently started seeing each other, it’s too soon, in my opinion, to bring astrology into it. Get to know each other, not the roughly drawn maps to each other. Astrology may be useful later on, after you’ve been in the relationship long enough to know from experience what it’s really like. 

  • The question has to be about something that’s already happening. Don’t ask about potential problems if you’re not experiencing them in real life. “What might go wrong in our relationship?” is not a question I’m willing to answer. “We can’t seem to communicate about x, how can we handle that better?” is. I’m also willing to give a second opinion if you’ve had your relationship assessed by another astrologer, even if--and especially if--what the other astrologer told you doesn’t match your actual experience, and/or made you worried.

The last two requirements are also requirements I have for addressing relationship questions in my practice. The first two do not necessarily apply in private consultations, although I still avoid unnecessary discussion of people who are not participating in the consultation themselves, and I still do not give interpretations on behalf of anyone who cannot or does not give their direct consent.