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"Megan has shown me aspects of astrology that is unfamiliar and deep. As an astrologer, I listened to her reading with great attention. And I was pleasantly surprised to receive a new perspective that is detailed oriented, authentic, scientific, and artistic. She is an excellent storyteller and she helped me reorient my path with clarity." - Kate Emerald

"When I sat down with Megan, I was adrift and unsure of where to focus. Her insight and encouragement made it clear where to place my energy. I felt more open and resolved after just an hour in her presence. The time since has been more productive and generative than I imagined and I've also felt more at ease being adrift and unsure in moments because of the cosmic context offered. What a relief! Don't hesitate to give yourself this same gift." - Stella Lawless, aka Stella the Good Witch

Megan Stoddard is a professional and continuing student in the fields of herbalism and astrology.

She is part of the first group of students to go through the three year Cecemmana program at Ancestral Apothecary in Oakland, California, from 2016 to the end of 2018.

Megan says:

I have been studying astrology diligently since 2014, reiki attuned since 2012, and am now ready for a wider audience and clientele. There will be updates to this as my practice expands.


I use this ancient, complex art as a tool to help people understand their life stories and make the best choices for their lives. I blog about it here, in the Star Story Medicine section, and am available for consultations online. For those who live in San Francisco or certain parts of the East Bay, I may be available for in person consultations. Contact me to inquire.


Currently, I make flower essences and occasional other forms of herbal medicine. Through the Plant Story Medicine section of this blog, I invite you to join me in my journey with the plants. More herbal services will be offered in the future.

Other things

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