I am excited to announce the debut of my astrological advice feature! Once or twice a month, in the Star Story Medicine blog, I will publish a question I have received from an astro seeker, with my answer. The frequency of this feature may increase if I receive enough letters. If you would like to see more of it, please send me your question! Just fill out the form below. But first, please read the ground rules. Questions that do not follow them will not be accepted.

If your question is chosen for the feature, I will publish your birth chart along with it, but not your name (you will be referred to by a pseudonym) or your birth information. I request birth information in the form so I can cast the chart, and source of birth information to get a sense of how reliably accurate it is. If you do not know your time of birth, please say so. Charts can be cast with no birth time, they just don’t include the correct rising sign or houses. If the time you have is an approximation, please mention that.

If you would like to know more about the story behind this feature, it continues below the submission form.

Ask the Astrologer Submission Form

HAVE YOU READ THE GROUND RULES? Seriously. If not, please read them now, before you fill this out!

This form is for Ask the Astrologer submissions only. If you are reaching out for any other reason, including a question or comment about this feature or follow up to an Ask the Astrologer question you’ve already submitted, please use the Contact page instead.

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If longer than 4 or 5 sentences, please break it into paragraphs, with spaces between them, so your astrologer, who is blind to long walls of text, can read it. Don't be fooled by the apparent size of the box: it can take a message of any length.
Please give your birth information in this format: August 15th, 1975, 5:07 pm, San Francisco, California, USA . If your birth time is unknown, say unknown time. If it's an approximation, please indicate that.
If you have a chosen pseudonym you want me to use, please enter it here. If you would rather I choose for you, you may leave this space blank.

Why I Started Ask the Astrologer

I find the astrological advice columns I’m aware of to be seriously lacking, in that the astrologer always gives an overly simple answer that is usually based on the letter writer’s sun sign and nothing else. I aim to provide a more nuanced example of astrological advice, more in line with what you would hear in an actual session with an astrologer, taking all pertinent details into account.

Astrology is very complex, includes many terms unfamiliar to laypeople, and astrological advice written with that complexity in mind can all too easily be incomprehensible to people with little or no background in astrology. That is likely part of the reason why entertainment astrology columns simplify it so much. However, that over simplification does everyone a disservice: people either believe their fate is determined by their sun sign, or, more often, write astrology off as bunk. People who have an astrological background, or don’t take astrology seriously at all, may get a laugh, but that’s it.

My intention is to write in a way that’s accessible to people who are new to the concept, without dumbing it down too much for those who do have an astrological background. However, I realize that perfect comprehensibility may not be possible in practice, when also taking the online reader’s attention span into account.

To help beginners follow along, I’ve created an astrological glossary. If you see an unfamiliar astrological term, look it up there.

In addition to being educational, and help solve the problems of the letter writers, I am also using this feature to market myself. (Hey, I have to do it somehow!) If you like what you see in my answers, maybe you would like to schedule a consultation with me. If you are a letter writer, maybe you would like to follow up the mini reading with a more comprehensive one. And if it’s not for you at this time, then it’s not. Just enjoy the blog!