Ask the Astrologer: Career For Soon To Be Graduate

Birth chart: Kat  Placidus houses, true node  Source of birth information: Hospital record

Birth chart: Kat

Placidus houses, true node

Source of birth information: Hospital record

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I'm 25 years old and finishing up my undergrad degree in business management with an emphasis in Human Resources. I'm debating what to do post-graduation in December. 

I've TA'd for my finance professor and enjoyed that immensely. I like the compensation/benefits/performance management side of human resources. I greatly enjoy working on the business side of the health industry, like insurance, medicaid/medicare for patients in hospitals. I'm good at call center work and very good at collegiate fundraising. 

Whatever I do, I need to feel like I'm contributing to something greater than myself. 

When I worked at the call center, I raised money for scholarships or other philanthropic programs. I contributed to the bigger picture with my individual work. When I worked at a hospital in the financial services, I was helping patients with health insurance and facilitating smooth operations. Even as a waitress at a local restaurant, I feel that I'm contributing to the customer experience and creating an atmosphere where people can connect and feel part of the community. 

I have the opinion that I can succeed at anything I put my mind to, but where do I focus my efforts? - Kat

First, congratulations on your near graduation!

I really see the Aries in you with your “I can succeed at anything I put my mind to” statement. Aries is the sign of self will, and loves challenges. Add to that goal-oriented Capricorn rising and self disciplining Saturn conjunct your Moon, and I get the picture of a person who thrives on having a goal and meeting it, and is very driven to achieve. Plus, you have all of your planets on the eastern side of your chart, between houses 10 and 3. That’s the “me” side. An eastern hemisphere emphasis indicates a person who needs to do for him- or herself, and usually has an “I make my own luck” kind of worldview. 

I also see your need to contribute to something greater than yourself, especially through your work. Pisces, where you have so many placements--Saturn, Moon, Mars, and Mercury--is the greater than yourself sign. Pisces is about the greater whole, the all encompassing oneness that we all come from. It really does want to make people connect, feel included, and make things work smoothly for all.

Pisces also contains, in a way, every house in your chart that has to do with work and how you make your living. Your second house cusp--money, how you earn it--is in Pisces. The rulers of your sixth house, which describes what you need in your day-to-day work, and your tenth house of career (for you, that’s Mercury and Mars,* respectively) are also in Pisces, in that second house. So whatever you do, you need it to come back to that Piscean message of facilitating inclusiveness and connection, helping others in that way.

I see your interest in finance in that packed second house. When the second house is emphasized so much, it’s only natural to have money and financial matters be a focus for you. I also see it in your MC (tenth house cusp) being placed in Scorpio, which is the sign associated with other people’s money, collective resources, and the field of finance in general. In a neat mutual reception, you have Jupiter, traditional ruler of your Pisces second house,* on your MC, and Mars, traditional ruler of Scorpio, in your second house! That reinforces this theme.

Jupiter on your MC also reinforces the message that you need to contribute to something bigger than yourself. Jupiter is the planet that makes everything bigger. 

It doesn’t really matter what specific field you go into. While something related to finance is suggested more than once in your chart, and it appears to be your interest, you could do anything in the realm of HR, business administration, or finance, and it would work with your chart. There are also other ways that Scorpio, Pisces, and the second house could be interpreted, and if you weren’t telling me that you’re interested in corporate administration or financial services, I would be reading them for other meanings.

What I do think is important is that, whatever job you take, you need it to be one that involves human connections, face to face. Both the strong Pisces and your description of your previous jobs tell me that. In all the jobs you’ve mentioned, from TAing to call center to waitressing, the common thread I see is that they all entail plenty of interpersonal interactions. I don’t think you would be happy with a job that has you interacting mostly with a computer, even if it does contribute in a positive way to the greater whole. I expect you’re someone who needs to directly interact with people. If that element were missing, you would not be motivated or fulfilled.

- Megan

*Actually, the tenth house in this chart has two rulers to choose from: Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio, and Pluto is the modern one. So does the second house: while Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces, Neptune is its modern ruler. I work with both modern and traditional house rulers, but for simplicity’s sake, I’m using the traditional ones in this post. Considering the positions of the planets in this chart, I’m seeing the most relevance to the question in the traditional rulers.

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